761013 Jelly Bellys in Large Square Window Tin








Print type and position

Top: 2(w) x 1.5(h)

4 Color Process
Top: 2(w) x 1.5(h)

All dimensions are in inches

Filled with Jelly Bellys, our Square Window Tins are a great way to reward your employees & customers. Once the treats are gone, use the container to store small essentials - paper clips, push pins, and more. Measuring 3" w x 3" d x 2" h, these gifts garner attention for your business. Hand them out during your next celebratory event. Available in single or custom color combinations - contact factory for quote!When warm weather conditions apply, some perishable items require special packaging. Transit time for these conditions must be 2 days or less. Please contact Customer Service for details and an applicable freight quote.Our warm weather packaging consists of: Foil insulated sheets in corrugated box with cold packs for $7.99 (transit time must be 2 days or less).

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